5 strategies to prepare for GATE 2023’s top marks.


GATE 2023 is one the most challenging exams, that will see nearly 9 lakh people will take part in the test, which means there will be an enormous amount of competition. GATE 2023 is scheduled to be held in February on the 4th and 5th of February and 11th and 12th of February, 2023 to allow postgraduate admissions at the nation’s top institutions such as IITs and NITs.

A good GATE score is an opportunity to secure the top PSU positions in India. Candidates who want to pursue a career in the GATE should be aware of the top ten GATE techniques for preparation, which are outlined in the following article to pass the test with a great score.

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GATE applicants always ask an issue – “How to ace for the GATE 2023 examination with top ranks”. To help those who are aspiring to take the exam with their preparation, the BYJU’S Exam Prep has shared the most effective ten tips for preparation to pass the GATE 2023 exam.

These suggestions will assist you to address all your questions about the strategy to prepare for GATE 2023.


As any candidate begins the phase of preparation for GATE, the very first question that pops into the minds of the candidates is “How to get through the exam with top marks”.

Here are the most effective preparation tips to help you answer this question and get good marks in GATE 2023.

i. Develop a study schedule in accordance with the syllabus – Candidates must read the complete GATE 2023 syllabus for the branch they will be appearing. They should then create an outline of their study schedule based on the available time.

ii. Prepare a timetable : Candidates must create the timetable in accordance with their current schedule. Students in their 3rd and 4th years of college must prepare a timetable that is balanced with an academic schedule. Professionals working in the field should design the schedule in an approach that allows them to keep a balance between work and studying with ease.

iii. Be determined and strive for success – the GATE test gives you the chance to establish a career within PSUs or to pursue an advanced degree. Therefore, the goal of the candidate should be specific. Aspirants must believe in themselves and remain focused throughout the entire process of preparation.


Because the GATE exam is among the most difficult tests candidates must be prepared with a solid foundation and a well-planned study program to pass GATE 2023 on their first try. In this article , BYJU’s Exam Prep shares a few suggestions that candidates for GATE 2023 ought to consider in their preparation.

1. Prepare for the event at the appropriate timing

A lot of GATE experts and applicants who have passed this test with flying colors have stated that a candidate who begins GATE preparation earlier has better chances of scoring well on mock tests as well as actual tests. Additionally, beginning early can help to understand difficult topics and allows you plenty of time to review the material. Thus, the candidate has to start preparing in the right date.


2. Know the GATE exam syllabus, exam format and the weightage for each subject

Candidates must be aware of their GATE the syllabus for 2023, as well as exam format and the weightage of each subject in the particular branch they plan to be a part of. Additionally, ensure that you aware of the types of test, number of tests, and the scoring strategy and so on. in the exam specific to your branch.

3. Students should choose the right textbooks and study tools

Candidates should choose the top books suggested in preparation for GATE 2023 examination by GATE and ESE certified experts. For instance, applicants must choose one book for the theoretical portion and another to prepare for the numerical section when needed. Furthermore, applicants should use quality GATE 2023 preparation materials designed by professionals to pass the test.

4. Solve GATE’s previous papers

Answering GATE’s previous year’s exam paper is among the most important aspects of GATE examination preparation for 2023. Thus, you should practice at minimum the past 10 years’ exam papers. Students can download them off-line or purchase an earlier years’ solved book to help with this.

5. Make a study schedule

GATE 2023 candidates must create a thorough study plan, in which each subject is allocated time according to their weightage. In addition, they should set achievable daily goals and strive to meet the daily goals.

i. Start with simple subjects and progress to more difficult subjects later.
ii. Take notes in a short manner when you are studying each topic and then revise them regularly.
iii. Do a subject and topic-wise test to find your weaknesses and get them out as quickly as possible by resolving your questions.

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