5 reasons to take out telephone insurance


Mobile phones have become so important in everyday life that they are indispensable. Besides the fact that they have become indispensable, the mobile phone price has also increased enormously. Today, the average phone costs around $500, and the most popular phones are around $1000.

Buying a new phone costs a lot of money

If you unexpectedly have to buy a new phone because your current phone broke, that’s a lot of money. For many people, this is not something to cough up, and that is why it is better to be insured so that you do not have to spend a lot of money unexpectedly.

Phone insurance is affordable.

Phone insurance is affordable, and you already have it for € 6.99 per month. Because AT&T telephone insurance is so affordable, it is therefore also useful to take one. If something breaks on your phone, you can easily have it repaired without incurring unnecessary costs.

A phone brand only covers software errors and mechanical defects.

For example, if you buy an Apple iPhone, Apple only ensures software errors and mechanical errors. If your phone breaks or something else goes wrong with your phone, Apple will not cover this.

Direct Replacement

When you take out telephone insurance, you also have the advantage that your telephone is immediately replaced by a replacement device. You fill in a claim form and receive a response within 24 hours to get a replacement device if necessary. It can also be that you immediately receive a new phone.

No unnecessary stress

With telephone insurance, you prevent unnecessary stress. You can walk around without worrying that your phone will break or be stolen. Many people think that insurance is unnecessary, but you do not take any risk by choosing telephone insurance. This feeling can be important enough to ensure your phone.

iPhone 12 insure

Take out iPhone 12 insurance.

Taking out iPhone 12 insurance is not a bad idea because the repairs of the iPhones are becoming more and more expensive. When taking out iPhone 12 insurance, you are covered in the event of damage due to falls, theft, loss, etc. You determine the amount of the premium yourself by choosing your deductible. You then pay a monthly premium, and if your iPhone 12 breaks, you can immediately reimburse the damage.

What you need to find out if you are going to insure an iPhone 12:

  1. How much deductible do you want to pay?
  2. Would you also like to have your phone insured against theft?

Prevent high costs and therefore view our table to choose the right telephone insurance.

What should you pay attention to when insuring your iPhone 12?

When insuring your phone, you should pay close attention to the policy conditions. By reading this carefully, you will immediately know whether the insurance is suitable for you.

Some useful things to know are:

  1. Can the insurance be canceled monthly?
  2. Worldwide coverage?
  3. What is the notice period?
  4. After how many months can you claim damage?

Of course, we have already sorted this out for you, and you can also find this information on our homepage, where you can compare telephone insurance policies. As a result, you do not have to read every policy yourself, and you can see at a glance where you can ensure your iPhone 12 most cheaply.

What about iPhone insurance and warranty?

As a consumer, you get a 2-year warranty at Apple as standard. It is good to know that you are then only insured against manufacturing defects and other hardware defects. Apple will not cover damage, loss, or theft, so it is useful to ensure your iPhone.

Is an iPhone 12 reimbursed through home contents insurance?

The iPhone 12 can be reimbursed through home contents insurance. However, the amounts for your deductible are usually quite high, so this is not too favorable. Of course, this is entirely up to your own household insurance, and it is, therefore, useful to check how you are insured before taking out any additional insurance.

Insure iPhone through Apple Premium Resellers: iCare

You can also ensure your Apple iPhone 12 through premium resellers such as iCare at Amac. These insurance policies are exactly the same as insurance policies that you can also find on the internet. Therefore, it is smarter to compare the right iPhone insurance online yourself than to take it out directly with a premium reseller. In this way, you are ultimately the cheapest for your iPhone insurance.

Sell ​​Broken Phone

After much hesitation, you have finally just bought the latest mobile phone. After a week of being the proud owner, you accidentally dropped your new acquisition in the water, and the mobile phone is so damaged that you can no longer use it. What now? Throw away? No, no way, sell your phone!

How about selling a phone? The mobile is worth nothing anymore because it no longer works; nothing could be further from the truth.

Sell ​​old cell phones.

You can sell your broken phone to a company like Dummy. The domain they give your phone a second life.

Selling your ‘damaged’ phone will still yield you a considerable amount because old cell phones are now worth money. By the way, did you know that 41 mobile phones contain as much pure gold as the same amount that you should extract from one ton of ore and get this gold? Is it not necessary to blow up whole mountains or mine deep underground? Selling your defective phone has a double advantage. You earn at least an x ​​amount back, and you do not burden the environment unnecessarily.

The procedure for selling telephones is very practical; all you have to do is go online and select Recycletronics.nl and follow the step-by-step instructions. And you’ll have your money in no time. It is advisable to first delete all data that you have on your device and reset the phone to factory settings. Suppose that data is still left on your mobile phone, then the data on the phone will be overwritten by a data deletion system.

Selling your damaged phone is saying: “I consciously try to do something about the environmental issue in my own way.”



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