5 Easy Steps For Blog Logo Design

Logo Design

5 Easy Steps For Blog Logo Design

When people first come to your site, they will need a way to remember you from all the other blogs in your niche. If you have lost a student, there is little chance that they will find you again, unless you have a logo design – a visual clue – that will help them to do so.

For better or worse, there are a million other bloggers out there, and chances are whatever you plan to write has been covered before. In fact, there are more than 20 billion blog post views on the WordPress platform, and 77% of Internet users (that is, everyone) read blogs regularly to get information.

1. Think About Your Audience Before Logo Design:

This is undoubtedly the most important part of your entire logo design process, as it will inform all the other decisions you make in the next steps.

Whether it is a lifestyle, fashion, travel or personal finance blog, the logo you are designing needs to fit your specific audience in order to function properly.

Why is this important? However, a logo that uses thick fonts and many bright colors will not be suitable for a blog about depression – just as if you are writing about a healthy lifestyle, a logo that is slim and dark as the main color will probably not like you. your intended audience.

2. Choose a Color Palette For Logo Design:

The colors you use in your Logo Design should match or match the color scheme of your blog or website.

If you have not yet chosen your website theme, all the power is in you; you can create your own theme next to your logo! However, at this stage, most bloggers already have an active website, which usually includes a template (or, if you use WordPress, theme).
You also need to be aware of the color combination of the active and the negative. Just as you want the colors of your logo to match your website, you also need to make sure that they complement each other – both in appearance and meaning.

When deciding on the colors of your logo, choose 2 or 3 themes – or more and you may confuse your message with a confusing design.

Logo Design

3. Choose the Correct Font :

If you have decided to go with the logo of your blog name, this step is the bread and butter of your logo. Your font will be the main visual element your audience focuses on, so you will want to choose the one that best reflects your blog and brand personality.
Also, make sure you take clarity; some fonts – especially the “creative” ones that control blog logs – can be difficult to read, defeating the purpose of having a blog logo.

Remember that your website visitors should be able to read and see the name of your blog in the logo at a glance, so if it is a choice between a cool font and a clear but readable font, go with the latest.

4. Make a Few Changes in Logo :

At this point, you should have decided on each element of your design (including an icon when using one). Now, it’s time to review a few duplicates of your logo and decide which ones will look best on your website.

You may want to play with shades of the same color palette or fonts from the same family to make sure each element works well together.
Note that the size of the logo setting varies from theme to theme, depending on the site host you are using. In some cases, the logo area will be too small, while in others it may be quite large. No matter what your age, your logo needs to be clear and easy to read; therefore, before settling on the final design, check your logo in different sizes to make sure the solution looks good.

5. Choose a Logo Design Tool:

Once you have an idea of ​​how your logo design will look, it’s time to really create it!

If you want to go DIY route, you can use design tools like Photoshop, online logo makers (we have a list of the best logo makers), or logo maker apps if you need to design on the go.


At Last every company or business need it’s unique identity. So logo is the best way to identified and also recognised by people.  There are many step to follow but these 5 step is play main role in any unique logo creation. The best part is to follow these step and then you can see unbelievable results. After that upcomming market has tough competition in it so try it. Best wishes for every single person who try these steps. In last I must say that don’t copy other’s logo make your own unique and simple logo, stay bless always.


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