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Artificial Intelligence is no stranger to the marketing industry. It is not even exaggerating to say that a large segment of present-day marketing rests at the mercy of AI marketing tools. Today AI software is considered the most essential component of data strategy and that is understandable because AI Marketing is becoming popular faster than ever and more than anticipated; why shouldn’t it be? This is where modern businesses balloon into success. The question is what are these tools and how can we leverage them?

Top 5 Tools for your AI Marketing Agency

Everyone who wants AI involved in their business needs to have a solid grasp on these tools, whether they know it or not, whether they agree with them or not. These are the top 5 tools for your AI marketing agency that help you achieve better revenue, click rates, open rates, and deliverability.

1. Hub Spot SEO

Human content teams use this blessing of a tool as it utilizes machine learning to figure out how search engines categorize and understand your content. Hub Spot SEO aids you to outrank your competitors and enhance your engine rankings. Search engines only reward those websites that manage their content around relevant topics and core subjects, not some random gibberish nobody cares about. Furthermore, this tool supports you with topic cluster suggestions. It showcases metrics such as relevancy and competitiveness to accompany you to build topic clusters and content strategy. That is one reason to have an AI marketing bot to look forward to as it can produce desirable SEO results, both for you and your client.

2. Grammarly

Google Docs and Microsoft Word can identify spelling errors but they cannot determine the quality of your writing and hence they have no feedback to offer on that front. That is where Grammarly comes in. Grammarly scans all you write to identify mistakes, structural errors, context, punctuation, and grammar. It highlights potential errors in your text and suggests improving word choice, writing style, and much more. Another fruit to eat here is how Grammarly basically explains the hows and whys of every correction it suggests. Grammarly is commonly used and mentioned in AI services for how practical and accurate it is and has been for some time, not just for the marketing stuff but even for the writing of any kind. Trust or not, we are leveraging Grammarly as well while writing this.

3. Phrase

Want to write better and more engaging subject lines? Phrase via artificial intelligence is your game. The integrated AI-driven Natural Language Generation system utilizes data-powered insights to generate millions of copy variants that make up your brand voice. Tailored language models are being used to make sure that each copy gets sent to the individual that signed up for it. Custom software Australia, during its development, can choose the service of Phrase for the obvious reason. Now you wonder why the brand voices sound the same most of the time. That is Phrase behind the curtain pulling moves, this sneaky little tool. It is too great a tool to miss for your AI marketing agency. Get a look into Phrase!

4. Seventh Sense

Wish we could have the seventh sense, right? Well, in the form of an AI tool, guess we can. Your customer’s crowded inboxes are where you get attention through Seventh Sense. It utilizes behavioral profiling to achieve the objective. What’s more, is that Seventh Sense eases you on what time and date you should send your email to stand out. The AI-driven platform identifies the email frequency and best timing for each contact on the basis of each contact. That’s how AI-driven seventh sense works and that is exactly why your emails can be dependent on this particular tool. Many businesses, as we speak, are leveraging the tool as everyone wants to get attention first. After all, this all works on “come first, get first.”

5. Ahref

Ahref is another AI-powered SEO suite developed for pragmatic tasks like site audits, rank tracking, competitor analysis, keyword research, and link building. Marketing professionals leverage most of the features built inside Ahrefs. In the struggle to higher Google rankings, Ahref is one of the most utilized tools out there. It functions more or less like Hubspot, however, it is often a matter of priority for all your clients, your team, and yourself. As we speak, many tend to rely on Ahref to produce desirable results and come on the top of every related search result to them. Fair, yeah?

Your AI Marketing agency must rely on these tools to reach to the desired customer as soon as possible. There are other tools that we have not mentioned above such as AI vision and the rest that even the non-IT principles are enjoying the benefits of. Remember, these tools do not need you, you need them. Best not ditch them!


Everyone who wants to initiate their business worries about marketing at some point. Because marketing is half the business, you will eventually need these AI tools to make yourself known in the market. Businesses existed and boomed even without these tools but nowadays they can help you grow and be far-reaching in influence and scope. Not just in the field of marketing, but even in the case of custom software development Australia, these tools can help big time. Hopefully, this read helped you to be illuminated on the topic.

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