2022 is the era for Laravel Framework


Introduction to Laravel PHP Framework

‘New Normal’ and virtualization of lifestyle seem to be synonymous in 2022.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has compelled us to enter into an era where the sustainability of life and the economy are influenced by digitization and digital transformation.

To thrive in this changing world integration of the software development industry into almost every sector around the globe is inevitable.

The demand for the right web development framework for developing high-performing applications triggers the choice of the Laravel framework, due to its rich set of functionalities.

Web Framework and its Types

The web framework is nothing but a software framework, which eases software development, especially for new web developers, who are not ready to write code from scratch.

There are two types of web frameworks: frontend and backend.

Frontend frameworks – deal with client-side problems in web development by not involving the app logic. Some examples are Angular, Vue.js, and Ember.js.

Backend frameworks – also known as server-side frameworks, deal with all the internal ‘guts’ of the application. Some examples are Django, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, and Express.js.

Why Laravel is Preferred?

Backend frameworks link with

  • data storage and management,
  • responses,
  • testing, and others.

Also, it engages in core functionalities like

  • routing,
  • templating,
  • object-oriented mapping, and others.

Hence, Laravel is preferred by web developers for its ability to provide a creative experience with an abundance of features.

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This open-source PHP framework, since its release, demonstrates an upward trend for being the ‘most demand’ category among developers.

By including the criteria, like Artisans, Database support and migration, as well as ‘bundles, the packaging system, in the version 3 release, this framework attains the most popularity.

Laravel has made the whole web development process easier and faster with its expressive and elegant syntax.

Taylor Otwell developed this framework to make complex coding simple for website developers.

Based upon Symfony, Laravel smoothly executes some common tasks, like routing, caching, authentication, and others to help the website developers in business app development.

Reasons of Popularity

By providing seamless and streamlined advantages, Laravel with over 60k stars on GitHub eliminates the negative aspects of development.

Apart from plenty of security features, Laravel gains popularity among active websites due to following reasons-

  • Reduces the vulnerabilities in web applications,
  • Powerful built-in features,
  • Automated task execution capability,
  • Lightweight templates, and
  • Easy implementation of a comprehensive authentication system

The powerful functionality, clarity, and simplicity of Laravel facilitate storing numerous cached items within its caching system, and due to this, prompt development of applications is only possible in this PHP framework

Additionally, personalize effects on web applications development with its flawless syntax and best coding practices, enhance the embracing of Laravel among organizations around the globe.

Further, Laravel saves considerable time in web application designing by reusing the components from another framework.

Also, below advantages of the Laravel framework make it a popular one for building unique web applications –

  • organizing and managing resources with the inclusion of namespaces and interfaces,
  • building a website from the scratch, as well as
  • securing and preventing several web attacks

Why do Different Verticals Prefer Laravel?

One of the frequently asked questions, ‘why do the web developers prefer Laravel’, can be answered as its flexibility.

Benefits like high-end app security, community support, efficient ORM (Object-Relational Mapper) management, multilingual feature, object-oriented libraries, traffic management, and others have made the Laravel an obvious choice for B2B websites, E-learning websites & Educational Blogging platforms, E-commerce platforms & Online Stores, CRM system, and Forum Website.

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Further, the high demand for web applications among organizations of different verticals enables the quick adoption of the Laravel framework due to its progressive, scalable, user-friendly, and easy-to-use features.

Due to all these reasons, Laravel has become a go-to framework and functioned as a robust pillar for any app.

Therefore, various top-notch brands around the globe, like BBC, Vogue, MasterCard, Lenovo, and others are using this framework.

Future Research Ground on Laravel

Laravel is well-known for the promotion of innovative product ideas, which is one of the key features to thrive in a highly competitive present and future market.

Although the Laravel framework provides many advantages, disadvantages like lack of inbuilt support, as well as complex and problematic with certain up-gradation prepare the ground for future research on this open-source PHP framework.

The future of web improvement operations and application design depends on the finest option of Laravel development.

By using this framework, long-term benefits can be achieved by web developers as it improves the competency of websites by providing high-quality, scalability, and more traffic generation capabilities

From improving performance to superb community assistance, the future and popularity of Laravel development are going to advance and grow.

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