20 iOS 16 App Features You Should Be Excited About

iOS app appearing on iphone.

Apple will roll out iOS 16 on supported devices by 12-14th September 2022. However, this is not just another iOS update. This time, Apple is going to address many issues iPhone users face. It will also bring many new features that’ll put Android phones to shame.

So, in this post, we’ll discuss the mobile app services and features Apple might offer with the iOS 16 update:

Top iOS 16 Features

Here are 20 amazing iOS 16 features to look forward to:

1.      Redesigned Lock Screen

“Android phones have redesigned and customizable lock screens forever.”

This is the reaction most Android fanboys gave when they first heard about this rumoured feature. The iPhone’s lock screen has been quite similar since iOS 7. There haven’t been any significant changes—so far.

But, after many generations, the iOS 16 might finally redesign its lock screen and offer customization options. For example, you’ll easily be able to switch between different lock screen designs by long pressing and swiping. In addition, there can be many useful widgets, animated wallpapers, and themes at your disposal.

2.      Improved Notifications Placement

If you receive a lot of notifications daily, you might hate the crowded look of your lock screen. Notifications can pile up from top to bottom, ruining your theme’s overall look. However, with iOS 16, you won’t face this problem anymore. This time, notifications will roll up from bottom to top. So, you’ll be able to view information on the lock screen only when you want. You’ll only see recent notifications the rest of the time. You can also change the settings and choose where you want to see information on your lock screen.

3.      Enhanced Focus Mode

Apple introduced Focus Mode on iPhones with the iOS 15 update. However, users had reservations about this feature because they believed there was still room for improvement. Looks like Apple felt the same way. With iOS 16, we’ll see a more improved version of the Focus Mode. It now has a linked lock screen for each mode. Besides the pre-existing ways to activate Focus Mode, you can also swipe between lock screens to select a corresponding focus. Finally, setting up this feature is a lot easier and more personalized.

4.      Photo Shuffle Now Available

Looks like Apple has decided to do more than just transform the iPhone lock screen. They may be adding many other interesting features. For instance, you might love its photo shuffle feature if you’re an Apple Watch user. It would create a randomized slideshow of your gallery on its screen. Apple is adding this feature to iPhones, too, with iOS 16.

5.      Live Tracking & Following Activities

No need to unlock your phone to see how far your Uber driver is. With iOS 16, the lock screen notifications will show real-time tracking of delivery/ride progress, scores, etc. In addition, it’ll show you enough information so that you don’t have to unlock your screen to read the whole message every time.

6.      Alter Photo Styles

You can add various styles to photos directly from the lock screen. Options include changing the following:

  • Filters
  • Font style
  • Tinting

7.      Add Layers to your Photos

Apple has enhanced its AI capabilities recently. Now, you will be able to make the subject of a certain picture pop out. For example, you take a picture of your dog in front of a cluttered background. The algorithm will make your furry buddy pop out since it’s the image’s subject.

8.      Undo Recent Deletes

Deleted your messages and conversations? Don’t worry! As long as the device links to the iCloud, you can recover your deleted messages within 30 days after deleting them.

9.      Access SharePlay via Messages

Want to organize a watch-along with your friends but virtually? With iOS 16, you can share synchronized activities, like games, music, workouts, and movies, with your friends while also texting them via the Messages app.

10.  Lock Hidden & Recently Deleted Albums

Did you delete an album or photo accidentally? Don’t worry! It will be locked by default. So, you can access it through an authentication method of your preference.

11.  Be a Part of the Conversation

Don’t want to check your inbox every time for follow-up emails? Now, your iPhone will remind you to send a follow-up email instantly. In addition, the software will check emails that require a follow-up and will send reminders accordingly.

12.  Say Bye! To Spam with BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification)

Google tries its best to remove spam and promotional emails from your primary inbox. Still, it misplaces a few emails. However, with iOS 16, you will be able to identify authenticated email messages with the help of BIMI.

13.  Emotify your Texts

Siri is a lot more intelligent now. Thanks to the neural engine included in recent iPhones, it can perform sentiment analysis. Hence, now Siri will not only be able to write messages for you, but it can also add emojis accordingly. However, this feature might only be limited to devices running the A12 Bionic chip or later.

14.  Replace Dozens of Collaborative Apps

No need to download zoom for seamless and collaborative video calls. FaceTime will allow you to collaborate with participants in apps like Reminders, Notes, Pages, Keynote, Files, and Numbers. FaceTime-supported third-party apps also work with this feature.

15.  Join Other Conversations with Live Captions

Note: The initial version of iOS 16 will only support the Beta version of this feature.

Are you having FaceTime conversations with someone who doesn’t speak the same language? FaceTime will automatically transcribe dialogues during video calls upon activating this feature, thus helping you understand what others are saying in real time. With further updates, this feature will also work with group video conversations.

16.  Know your Sports

The Apple News app will now include a “My Sports” section containing the latest news and updates about your favourite players, teams, and leagues. You can customize the feed of the My Sports section according to your preferences to read the latest news, watch highlights, check the latest scores, standings, schedules, etc.

17.  Enhanced Smart Folders

With iOS 16, your iPhone will use AI to auto-organize notes in a separate “Smart Folder” using different filters. These filters will classify data into different categories.

18.  Translate with App’s Camera Viewfinder

Now, you don’t have to use Google Lens on your iPhone to translate nearby text using your camera. Instead, iOS 16 will allow you to use your camera in the Translate app to interpret a nearby text.

19.  Live Updates on Lock Screen

Live Activities in iOS 16 will also allow you to follow the play-by-play action of your favourite sport from the lock screen. This is a useful feature for users who’re driving and can’t use their phones or watch live streams.

20.  Temperature, Weight, & Time Zone Converter

You can change any temperature, time zone, or weight value metric by long-pressing the number.


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