13 Best Skincare Brands for Teenagers

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Teenage! The most beautiful yet confusing stage of life!

Hormones, hectic career choices & slowly discovering themselves and the world all impact teenagers’ nature, behavior, thinking process as well as their skin health.

That’s right! When you’re in the ages between 13 and 19, your body goes through multiple physical, hormonal and mental changes. This is also that stage when your body hits puberty and that changes your entire game. You’ll be experiencing different bodily changes, which also includes drastic changes in your skin. Pimples, acne and breakouts are common at this stage but we know how disturbing and annoying they can be. And, not to mention all the new facial hair growth… (eye rolls)!

So, while you go through all these changes, it can be extremely tempting to purchase everything that you see on television ads, Instagram or Facebook ads or even videos by your favorite influencers. But it seldom happens that the products that you see and purchase, actually end up suiting your skin and your needs.

It is very important to pick products that are mild and safe for your delicate skin. Consistency in application & also fuelling yourself with the right diet will help. And if you’re wondering how to choose and pick the right products, then you really need not worry at all because we have got you sorted with few of the best brands that are perfect for teenagers.

Let’s get started…

Iba Cosmetics

Iba products are Halal & PETA-certified and use the purest ingredients. The range has a full set of skin care products in India designed to solve problems faced by teenagers like acne, breakouts, dull skin, etc. The Green Tea Face wash is a Godsend – containing salicylic acid & green tea extract which cleans your pores, removes excess oil & preps your skin without drying it out. Iba Cosmetics also has a wonder product – their Aloe Aqua Aloe Gel, which gives irritable, inflamed sin just the cool, tender care it deserves! Use it as a moisturizer, toning gel or primer too!


Nykaa Skin

We all know how popular Nykaa is as a brand for their awesome makeup products and also for the wide range of other brands they provide as a platform. Recently, not very long ago Nykaa launched their skincare range which consists of body care products like shower gels, body lotion and mists. It also offers a wide range of skin care products like facewashes, sleeping masks, sheet masks, facial oils, lip balms, ubtan masks and so on. These skincare products are extremely mild and gentle on the skin and they make a perfect selection for teenagers. They have a wide range of skincare concern related products to choose from, so you can pick according to your skin’s needs. Read the labels carefully, ask questions, read reviews & buy!


This brand is like the OG brand when it comes to selecting one for teenagers. The Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash and the Deep Clean Facial Cleanser are top picks for teens who have oily skin and those who might be facing acne breakouts and pimples regularly. These products are extremely gentle on the skin, but they deep cleanse your skin from within. Also, their Norwegian Formula Daily Body Lotion is a great moisturizer if you have dry skin. Your skin will never be dehydrated once you use this lotion and there shall be no turning back! So say no to popping zits and applying harsh products – Neutrogena products are available on all the best online beauty stores!


This brand should be on every teenager’s top list when it comes to skincare because this brand offers skincare products and solutions that are specially curated for young, fickle skin. The moisturizers, face washes, sun screen and all other skin care related products are extremely gentle and have medicated formula so are quite efficacious. The best part about their face moisturizers for oily and dry skin is that, they work extremely well for prepping your skin before applying your makeup base.


This brand has to be every 90’s kids’ favorite – the google woogly whoosh cream is ubiquitous with the brand! Pond’s has come a long way since then and it now has many more newly added products across ranges. When it comes to selecting Pond’s products for teenagers, their face washes are winners! No matter which variant you choose, the foaming consistency, the deep cleansing effect and the freshness that it leaves on the skin is to die for! Apart from face washes, if you have oily skin and you’re looking for a moisturizer that is light and hydrating at the same time, then the Pond’s Super Light Gel Oil Free Moisturizer would be just perfect.


A rather new entry in the field of skincare and beauty, but this brand has gained all our attention for all the right reasons. Minimalist believes in holding transparency of their products while focusing on plant ingredients actives rather than the plant itself. So, rather than rubbing in a citrus fruit on your face, hoping for flawless results; you must look in for its components and acids that it contains. Minimalist carefully curates such products that are pure, clean and has components that suite every skin type. This makes it a perfect brand pick for teenagers because the products are simple, pure and free from harsh or strong chemicals that might ruin your skin in the long run. All the best online beauty stores stock Minimalist products.

Plum Goodness

This brand absolutely has our heart for all the awesome products they have offered us till date. Plum skin care products and the brand as a whole are as pure as pure can get. This brand believes and practices a no-toxic policy, which means it is free from harmful chemicals and elements. This brand is also vegan and cruelty free which makes it even more guilt-free. Coming to their products, all of them are awesome but to pick one; the Green Tea Range is just perfect for teenage skin as it addresses every conceivable skin issue.


Another OG brand that the millennials might not have given a try. But here’s the deal, kids – you all might have been hunting for a sunscreen that suits your needs, gives a little tint, is sweat proof and is also non-sticky. Well, maybe it is time to give this brand a chance…we’re sure your elders & siblings have a lot to say about this brand. But, the product that we’re talking about here is the Lakme Sun Expert Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++, this sunscreen is an absolute treasure for the flawless finish it gives. It is tinted and suits all skin tones, and it is matte; which makes it a perfect selection for daily wear.


Now, this brand absolutely has the writer’s heart! Mamaearth is Asia’s first MadeSafe certified brand which focuses on takin care of every parent’s and baby’s skincare needs. All Mamaearth products are dermatologically tested especially for sensitive skin, so here’s a start for you to actually begin a skincare routine if you haven’t because of fear of reactions and breakouts. Apart from skincare, we know teenage girls have a crazy fantasy for makeup, especially lipsticks. Well, maybe it isn’t the right time to start wearing lipsticks all the time, but instead you could try the Mamaearth Tinted Natural lip balm, that gives your lips a fresh flush of color while protecting and moisturizing them.


As the name of the brand suggests, this brand is actually very simple and pure to use. The face wash, Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash is just perfect for oily and acne prone skin. This face wash is extremely gentle and mild to the skin. Also, the Simple Daily Skin Detox Clear Pore Facial Scrub is a must for every teen. As your skin starts to undergo changes and mature, pores tend to enlarge and hence, a good scrub cleanses and keeps blackheads at bay.


When it comes to light weight hydrating moisturizers for teenage skin, nothing beats Nivea. It is a nostalgic brand and with a range guaranteed to care for inflamed skin. Nivea has a special range of Soft Light Moisturizers that comes in a variety of fruity selections that smell absolutely divine yet are mild. These moisturizers are perfect for daily use and also give your makeup a good base.


Biotique is all about pure ingredients and science blended with love! This brand offers a variety of products from skincare to hair care, and none of the products have ever disappointed. Not just for teenagers, but this brand is just perfect for all ages alike. If we had to choose a winner, the Morning Nectar Nourish & Hydrate moisturizer would take away the gold. This moisturizer is suitable for all skin types.


Coffee addiction isn’t the best addiction and that especially for a teenager. But if at all you want to get addicted then the Mcaffeine brand is just made for you. This brand offers a variety of coffee-infused skincare products that work extremely well for all skin types. But, in case you have oily and sensitive skin, then Mcaffeine also offers a special Green Tea range.


Now this brand is extremely underrated, but offers a wide range of quality products at very competitive prices. This brand is also pocket friendly, which makes it a perfect pick for teenagers. The Pure Neem Face wash has to be a winner when it comes to selecting a hero product for teenagers. Himalaya can be considered as the safest brand for teenagers when it comes to skincare.

We hope you liked our tips & recommendations for skin care for teenagers specially brought to you by Iba Cosmetics! Go get your fix today!



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