11 Best Tourist Attractions in Birmingham

tourist attractions in Birmingham

Birmingham is the second-largest city in Britain. It is great for exploring the Cotswolds and Malvern Hills. This includes the canal route, thanks to its location in the West Midlands. Birmingham’s extensive canal network enables pleasure boating today. Yet, it is interesting to learn how they are a byproduct of the Industrial Revolution. The canals helped the city flourish in many ways.

Did you know that Birmingham boasts more canals than Venice? Apart from that, the city has historical buildings galore. They include sites like Gas Street Basin. This famous for its preserved canals and structures of great significance. A large number of tourist attractions in Birmingham are interesting. They make the city popular among vacationers. Birmingham offers food products and many cultural events. There are many festivals as well.

To help you plan your trip better here is a list of the top 11 things to do in Birmingham

1) Exploring the Famous Victoria Square and the City Centre

The heart of the city lies in Victoria Square. It has been the cultural scene of Birmingham for centuries. Here you will find the old yet attractive Town Hall. There is the impressive Symphony Hall and Council House. You will also love Chamberlain Square and the Central Library. There are many other significant tourist attractions in Birmingham.

2) Touring the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Opened in 1885, this museum is often considered one of the finest museums in the whole of the UK. Rich in its collection, the museum’s treasures boast an impressive collection of works. These are by eminent Pre-Raphaelite painters, and sculptures by Rodin and James Tower.

3) Enjoying the quaint beauty of The Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Spread over 15 acres in Edgbaston, The Birmingham Botanical Gardens are mesmerizing. These 19th-century gardens will remind you of the Victorian Age. The Botanical Gardens are one of the foremost tourist attractions in Birmingham. They are a window to the past where you can spend a day of tranquility amid countless species of plants.

4) Visiting the National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham

Housing 60-plus exhibits on marine life, the Sea Life Centre is the best place for a visit. You can plan a day, especially if you are travelling with kids. The massive ocean tank and underwater tunnels allow you to watch life under the sea up close.

5) Enjoying St. Philip’s Cathedral

St. Philip’s Cathedral, built in 1715, has a fascinating history over centuries. This will intrigue all history buffs. One of the best tourist attractions in Birmingham, you should check it out. The cathedral has regular talks, exhibits, concerts, and seminars.

6) Wandering around the Jewelry Quarter

An important site of tradition is the Jewelry Quarter. This is where 40 per cent of Britain’s jewelry comes from. With more than 200 jewelers’ workshops, the area is interesting. This is ideal for tourists who love jewelry or are eager to know more about the city’s history. When there, do not forget to visit the Museum of the Jewelry Quarter as it will allow you a close look at the trade.

7) Discovering Birmingham’s Back to Backs

Staying in serviced apartments Birmingham near its City Centre? This particular location will be within walking distance. It has some back-to-back houses. These were common in Birmingham during the 19th century. You will understand the difficult situations of working class people during that era.

8) Exploring Barber Institute of Fine Arts

The Barber Institute of Fine Arts lies in proximity to Birmingham University. It houses a phenomenal selection of art from the Renaissance to the 20th century. If you are an art lover, this place will be your paradise. It boasts works from masters like Botticelli Tintoretto, and Rembrandt. There are works by Manet, Monet, Constable, Degas and many others. This makes it one of the finest tourist attractions in Birmingham.

9) Touring Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum

If you are travelling with young children who love science, this is it. Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum, is a great landmark. Many fascinating science-related exhibits are present. Many of them are interactive and hands-on. You will find several fun activities at this award-winning museum.

10) Satisfying Your Cravings at Cadbury World, Bournville

One cannot miss visiting Cadbury World on their trip to Birmingham. It is one of the most enjoyable experiences that the city has to offer. Here you can learn about the history of chocolate. You can also learn a lot about the production process through interactive exhibits. You can also try your hand at chocolate making and what not. It welcomes more than 500k visitors ever year. Cadbury World is one of the largest tourist attractions in Birmingham.

11) Discovering Black Country Living Museum

This 26-acre museum is only 9 miles from Birmingham. It offers a thorough look into the history of mining. You will be able to examine fifty authentic structures along with an ancient mine shaft. Costumed tour guides are available to describe to guests the way of life that people in the past led. It is among England’s top outdoor museums. You can learn about the history of industrialization here.


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