11 Best Bubble Balls to Buy In 2022


Few things can be as relaxing as soaking in a relaxing bubble bath and then releasing the tension of a long, tiring day. Bubbles are a great way to relax regardless of age. In reality, therapeutic baths have been utilized throughout history to heal and for therapeutic reasons for both body and mind. 


A study from 2018 that compared the benefits to health associated with hot baths and showers revealed that those who took 10 minutes of baths at temperatures of 104 degrees Fahrenheit experienced improved overall health and skin conditions, with less stress, pain, and tiredness. 


Baths can also boost blood flow, relax joints and muscles that are sore and boost mental wellbeing through reducing anxiety as well as depression and anger. Warm baths have even been linked to more restful and peaceful sleep.

Here Are the Best Bubble Baths on the Market

  1. Best Overall For Women: The Honest Company Sweet Almond Bubble Bath at Kohls.com

  2. Best Budget: Burt’s Bees Baby Original Bubble Bath at Amazon 

  3. Best Bath Bomb: OUAI Chill Pills Bath Bombs at Amazon

  4. Best for Dry Skin: Fur Bath Drops at Nordstrom

  5. Best for Sore Muscles: Sky Organics Epsom Salt at Amazon

  6. Best for Eczema: Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment at Amazon

  7. Best for Stress Relief: Neom Real Luxury Bath Foam at Amazon

  8. Best Fragrance-Free: Dapple Baby Bubble Bath Fragrance-Free at Bed Bath & Beyond

  9. Best Sweet: LaLicious Sugar Coconut Shower Oil at Amazon

Tips for Safe Use of Bubble Balls

  • Check that the human hamster ball has been properly inflated before use.

  • The ball should be 8 inches above your head to protect you.

  • If the bubble ball does not meet your needs, don’t push yourself into it. You should purchase an appropriate bubble ball for your body size.

  • There shouldn’t be any two players playing the same ball.

  • It would help if you were not running at full speed while wearing a ball to the game. Be sure to bump into other players slowly while playing to avoid accidents.

  • Always be sure to adjust and secure yourself before playing.

How to Choose a Bubble Bath?


Make sure you choose formulas with only plants-base ingredients whose names are easy to pronounce. Many brands advertise as “all-natural,” be sure to examine the fine print for unintentional man-made chemicals. For kids, make sure the product isn’t tearing. Before you begin, it’s always advised to test any new skincare product patch.


For the best scent, opt for essential oil-infused formulations. For those who suffer from sensitive skin, avoid bubble baths that contain any scent, dyes, or additives because they may cause irritation and cause irritation to your skin’s protective barrier.


Soaps and bubble bath products are often laden with harsh detergents, which could strip the surface of moisture. Do not suffer from dryness and irritation by selecting an oil-based formula or one that is moisturizing. It is essential to apply a rich moisturizer right after you leave the tub. The National Eczema Association suggests doing this within 3 minutes to prevent drying. 5

Bubble Quality

Ingredients to stay clear of are generally those responsible for creating bubbly mixes. For instance, sodium Sulfate (SLS) is a foaming agent used in a variety of personal care products and bubble bath products. Chemical-free alternatives may not make the same amount of bubbles; however, you’ll make pretty close with an additional pump or two.

Fun with Bumper Balls

If they’re utilized safely and under proper supervision, human hamster ball can be lots of fun for kids and adults. You can pick one of the bumpers we have listed or use our advice to select your own. We recommend choosing a bumper you’re able to test. After all, you deserve some fun, too.


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