10 units Are Coming to India Kia’s first Electric Car Can Cost Rs 60 lakh


Kia has launched the debut EV in India and it’s called the EV6.


It appears futuristic and an extreme departure from what Indian roads may have seen before.

It might resemble a huge hatchback, but it’s quite massive, comparable to mid-sized SUVs such as Kia Sportage. Kia Sportage.

The car  is 4,695mm long with 1,890mm of width and 1,550mm tall , and is mounted on a wheelbase of 2,900mm.

It will be introduced as CBU (full import) this means there will not be any changes to its layout, its platform, powertrain, or equipment.


The EV6 is built on Hyundai Motor Company’s E-GMP platform, which is the Electric Global Modular Platform platform and is based on Kia’s “Opposites Unified” design concept.

Kia’s  first car to utilize this platform that is designed for battery electric cars (BEVs).

The platform is skateboards with wheels that are placed on the sides and the floors that store batteries.

Hyundai utilizes this technology for the IONIQ 5 which has also been seen on Indian roads. The car will launch in the near future.

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Interiors and a Boosted Leg Room

Since it is an EV-dedicated platform it is not equipped with an transmission tunnel.

This increases the  space for the knees and legs for people who are sitting in the rear of the seat.

Inside the EV has two screens – one to display the digital dials and another for infotainment systems.

It is also equipped with connected car technology as well as a two-spoke steering design, an Augmented Reality head-up display as well as a variety of ADAS security features.

Charge Capabilities

It is among the very few EVs that can support the extremely-fast 800V charging capacity.

This means that the vehicle can  be charged from 10-80 percent within 18 minutes. 100km of top-up charges take less than four and a quarter minutes.

8kWh of Battery

Other countries have it. It operates using a 58kWh battery.

This model will be available in two  Variants that include a rear-wheel drive (RWD) configuration that produces an engine that produces 168 horsepower, or an all-wheel-drive configuration with two motors that produce an impressive 235 horsepower.

77.4 1 kWh battery

There’s also a bigger 77.4kWh battery pack available by using:

  • 229hp single motor set-up in RWD GUISE
  • 325hp dual-motor setup in AWD model
  • A performance-focused, range-topping GT model that features dual motors AWD layout that generates 585hp and 740Nm of torque.

Its 77.4 kWh battery produces 605 Nm and 320 BHP of maximum torque.

India Version

Kia promises that it will provide a Range  of approximately 425 miles on one charge.

The carmaker could provide Indian buyers a range of engines and offer them a greater selection of options in terms of performance and performance.

Its top-of-the-line GT-Line version was seen in the United States, which suggests it is indeed the model which will be available in the United States.

Next Steps for India

Following its debut, Kia Motors will introduce the brand new e-Niro.

It is locally manufactured and is a mass-market EV made in India.

This is in line with the automaker’s plans with Hyundai to introduce six brand new EVs in India by 2024.

Pricing, Competition

It is priced at around between Rs 31 and 42 million in the US.

If it is a complete import to India be prepared for it to cost up to a price of the amount of Rs 60 lakh.

If it is launched on the market in India there will be  just 100 units, which will be allotted for the initial year as the company wants to know the response of the Indian market.

At the time of its launch the device will be able to complete with the similar models like MINI Cooper SE, Volvo XC40 Recharge, and others.

Kia will accept bookings starting on May 26. The EV6 will be available in June.


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