10 Must Know Factors For Branding A Business


Branding is everything you do that helps to create great feelings people will have about your company. Targeting the emotions and feelings of your customers will help in building a connection that eventually increases sales. Branding a business has a lot more to say than just logo design. You can create a great logo using Designhill logo maker for the first step.

But next, there are plenty of branding factors that need to discuss. Designhill has compiled 10 must-know factors for branding a business-

Customer Clarity

Before discussing what factors are great for branding a business and grabbing your customers’ attention, first, you need to be clear about who your customers are. Many people have the wrong idea, that branding and brand story are all about the business, however, it is all about your customers.

So, you must start by defining and figuring out your target audience. You can start by collecting information about who your customers are and what they want on the basis of essential demographic and psychological characteristics. This can be used to create a customer persona, a fictional, representative of your target audience. This is quite helpful as when you want to create a brand message, you can create them for this person.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning helps you to understand why your customers will choose you over your competitors. Every branding factor will help you in the mission to position yourself in the mind of your potential customers as something better and more approachable than your competitors. Brand positioning will increase your efforts in giving your customers reasons to buy.

While brand positioning, you need to make sure your customers get this information. Tell them about your strengths, what values your brand appreciates, what benefits you are offering over your competitors, what makes you different from your alternatives, what makes your business unique, and what is the one thing you wish to be known for.

Brand Personality

Moving further, brand personality is what will personify your business, and represent it by giving it human characteristics. Brand personality opens doors to the emotional side of branding. Ultimately, people will buy only from people they know and trust. Brand personality can be communicated by the tone of voice, your visual representation, or by anything your business does. This can be anything from the way you respond to queries to what color palette your brand uses on social media.

Brand personality can be defined easily by using a brand personality framework. There are plenty of brand personality quizzes available online for a better understanding of your brand. You can begin by just looking at your logo design and see what it says.

Brand Purpose

Now, you can understand the emotional reasons why your customers will choose you and keep choosing you over your alternatives. First of all, you need to show them the benefits that your brand has to offer. This is one of the most important things that you need to focus on and the main thing your customers will focus on.

But brand purpose has a lot more than this only. It is the expression of what your business is and what kind of impact you want to make on your customers’ lives and the community. When you give people a valid reason to choose you, they will feel great while choosing you.

Brand Values

Next, when a brand shares the values they hold, people feel happier while choosing them and there are higher chances of them staying loyal to your brand. Brand values are the values you want to state in your brand copy. To understand what you stand for, think about values that you are truly living up to in your business every day. This will help you understand the true picture and be real.

Also, you can figure out the things that you clearly stand against. The main task here is to pick up the values that make you different from others. So, you can find things that your brand clearly disagrees with and use them as a way to express your brand values. Just standing up and speaking about these will help you attract your target audience.

Brand Promise

The brand promise is what builds a connection between your brand strategy with the marketing messages. The brand promise is basically a promise to your customers to provide the best service. It is any claim you make that describes the experience your customers can expect when they deal with you.

A brand promise can be expressed in benefit statements, value propositions, or your purpose statement. The core of your brand is just a promise of what experience people will have while working or doing business with you. The most important thing is to keep your brand promise. You must be clear, truthful, and relevant. You will build loyal customers only when their experience aligns with the promise you made.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is the first thing that comes into people’s minds when thinking about branding. Professionals use these terms interchangeably too. However, it can get the subject of branding to be a little complicating.

Your brand is not just your logo design or the color palette for your website. However, this is what builds your brand identity. The brand is not just communicated only through words, it is shared through values, expressed through visuals, and more.

Your logo is a symbolic representation of your brand and one of the most important elements of your brand identity. You can create a great logo using a logo maker online. Such tools are equipped with graphic design tools to create amazing designs.

Brand Essence

Now, you can discuss some more branding factors, to sum up, the emotional reasons why people should choose you, this is your brand essence. Branding essence can be a one to three-word statement. It expresses what your brand stands for in a nutshell.

As the name suggests, it is basically the essence of your brand. Also, it is an attribute that is both understood and felt by your customers. Branding is about creating and maintaining the trust of your customers and keeping your promises. Though it is a one to three-word statement everything about your brand has a say in your brand essence. Your customers can judge the essence of your brand just by looking at any branding elements such as label design or packaging design.

Brand Messaging

Brand messaging is the part where all of the factors come together. It consists of your story, your customer’s story, your purpose, personality, values, mission, and more. There are plenty of branding statements that can be used to help send a message to your target audience and impress them eventually.

You can have brand positioning, benefit, and value statements as they are a sign of consistency and will lead to building trust, customer loyalty, and affinity.

Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is too important to forget or skip while branding your business. Everything in your brand must be consistent and look like one. It acts as the glue that pulls everything together to decrease the time people need to become aware of you and recognize you.

These branding factors are tools to attract the right people to your brand. This will help them get the right experience and build a positive image of your brand.

Designhill is the one-stop solution to your all branding needs. You can use Designhill logo maker, flyer maker, brochure maker, etc. These tools also have a design size guide to create consistent designs.

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