10+ Most Effective SEO Backlink Analysis Tools

Backlink Analysis Tools


Creating high-quality inbound links is, as you undoubtedly already know, a crucial part of any successful search engine optimization campaign. What about, nonetheless, investigating your present connection profile? A backlink checker can help with this.

After a site has been live for a while, a backlink profile has likely already formed. Some links may help your search engine rankings, while others may hurt them.

Whether your existing backlink profile is helping or hurting your site’s rankings is information you need to have. Check out jetranks.com to gain more backlinks to your website by using manual link building technique.  

Best Backlink Analysis Tools


#1. Moz Pro


Among the greatest tools for creating an effective inbound link strategy, Link Explorer is Moz Pro’s distinctive backlink analyzer.

See what sets your rivals apart by comparing their backlink profiles to yours. Using Connect Intersect, you may find out which sites link to your rivals but not to you, giving you a list of potential new link partners to pursue.

Important information about each link may be viewed, such as its anchor text, spam score, page authority, and domain authority. Using these measurements, you may determine which links prevent your site from reaching the top of the search engine results page.

In addition to its usefulness, Link Explorer’s visual dashboard is incredibly easy to navigate. It’s a fast and reliable tool for checking backlinks, with results appearing practically immediately after entering the query.


#2. SEMrush


Semrush is essentially an all-in-one marketing toolbox that integrates a wide variety of digital marketing technologies into a unified platform to help you improve your SEO campaign.

It is one of the greatest backlink checkers, so it’s simple to learn how they work and analyze them to improve your search engine rankings. Initially, input the domain into the Backlink Analysis area, just as you would with comparable programs.

You will get more data on the domain and its backlinks by using SEMrush. The platform will provide in-depth reports for each domain, allowing for the discovery of previously unknown information. Finding low-quality backlinks that might hurt your results is a breeze using SEMrush. The platform displays the number of inbound links to your site.


#3. SEO PowerSuite


The SEO PowerSuite backlink checker SEO SpyGlass is no exception to the company’s fiery suite of SEO tools. This tool’s capacity to provide in-depth reports on its backlink finds is one of its greatest capabilities. These reports will assist you in comprehending the finer points of niche backlink data. These reports may be used to automatically analyze and anchor text.

Search Engine Optimization SpyGlass also investigates the value of each of your website’s inbound links in great detail. Learn the 50 characteristics, like domain age and page authority, that Google uses to evaluate the quality of your inbound links.

You may view up to five rivals’ link profiles side by side to learn about their strategies and how they stack up against your own.


#4. Monitor Backlinks


The backlink strategy of your rivals may be easily investigated with the help of Monitor Backlinks. Monitor Backlinks is a great option if you want to find out which connections are helping your competition and which are hurting your SEO efforts.

When a valuable backlink is received, a blogger evaluates a product, or a competitor’s site makes rapid progress in its link-building approach, you’ll know about it thanks to the link checker tool.

Also available for your perusal are many metrics about backlinks. It will be invaluable to the efficient operation of your plan. Look at the number of external links, the page or domain authority, and the amount of referring traffic each backlink is responsible for.

Manage the link disavowal rules from the intuitive UI to have any harmful or spammy links promptly deleted. Those annoying backlinks that do nothing for your site’s search engine rankings will also be easy to notice.


#5. Seotoolskingdom


Seotoolskingdom, one of the easiest and least expensive backlink checkers, will provide you with a comprehensive overview of your backlink profile and provide direction for your future backlink development efforts. It streamlines the process of checking your backlinks, so you don’t have to spend time doing it manually.

Easy-to-understand comprehensive backlink metrics are shown with all important backlink data on an intuitive dashboard. Knowing the current state of your backlink profile is crucial in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Discover daily updates about link gains and losses using the platform. You need to know if the new link will help or hurt your search engine rankings before deciding whether or not to accept it. You may utilize the service to help Google’s impression of your site by disavowing harmful or spammy links.


#6. Majestic 


Majestic Site Explorer is the ideal tool for the job if you want to know where you are in terms of your link profile.

In addition to the typical metrics like total external backlinks, you may also look at other important facts like referring domains, referring subnets, and referring IPs. These nuggets of technical knowledge are crucial to getting a firm grasp of your existing connection strategy.

You can see your site’s performance by looking at charts and graphs that provide even more information. Whether you gain or lose links over time may be easily seen in the backlink history chart.


#7. LinkResearchTools

You may evaluate every backlink using 97 distinct criteria with the help of this backlink checker’s in-depth study. With this tool, you may get information from 24 different link backends in one place. Given its many useful features, LinkResearchTools is unquestionably a top choice among accessible backlink checkers.

Explore each from every angle by modifying the metrics and filters to get a bird’s-eye view of the situation. A few novel filters are impact, trust, buzz, power, and contact information. You may utilize the system to get rid of a Google penalty, find new link-building chances, keep tabs on your incoming links, and more.


#8. Ahrefs


It should be no surprise that one of the major players in SEO, Ahrefs, also features a top-notch backlink checker. In reality, the service excels most in the area of checking backlinks. Ahrefs, second only to Google’s web crawler in activity, has a database of 22 trillion backlinks.

You may enter a URL, either your own or a competitor’s, and immediately see all the other websites that link back to it. When the whole list of backlinks has been displayed, you should examine metrics like domain authority and geographical data.

Their exclusive “Domain Rating” reveals the worth of each connecting domain by detailing the sites’ backlinks and Dofollow profiles. If you’ve lost any of your backlinks, Ahrefs can reveal you right away. These links may no longer work because the website’s owner has removed them.


#9. SE Ranking Backlink Analysis


When selecting a backlink checker, you should prioritize a comprehensive data set, an intuitive interface, and a reasonable price tag. The SE Ranking Backlink Analysis Tool provides access to that and more. It finds the location of the IPs and subnets from which you receive links and evaluates the quality of your backlink profile.

To begin your search, simply type in the desired domain name. Domain and Page Trust are secret measures developed by SE Ranking that indicate how competitive a certain domain or page is.

  • Links, both gained and lost.
  • New and former referring domains
  • Compared to other sites in the same field, your Alexa Rank reveals how popular yours is.
  • Link ratio of nofollow to dofollow
  • Those who are most relied upon to report the news
  • Where the link originated (whether in text or an image)
  • Sites with the most external links
  • The algorithm’s initial and last sightings of the connection
  • Position – a heat map shows how your backlinks are broken up geographically by IP and subnet.


#10. LinkMiner


Link Miner is a standalone backlink analyzer that does not include any other SEO functions, unlike the other tools on our list.

LinkMiner, developed by the company Mangools, comes with various options for analyzing and improving your backlink profile. Your backlinks may be sorted in several ways, such as new, noFollow, lost, or removed.

This is a great tool if you’ve accidentally removed or lost any links and want to get them back on your website. Plus, it’s a great tool for monitoring the emergence of new inbound connections as they happen.

LinkMiner allows you to construct a list of your favorite backlinks to keep track of which of your rivals’ backlinks are the most significant. If you are on a tight budget and don’t want advanced SEO tools, this is your ideal backlink tool.

Which is the best tool for backlink analysis of your business website? 

You may learn a lot about how to improve your SEO and your site’s performance by studying your backlink profile. Verifying and assessing your backlinks manually is a tedious and time-consuming task. Pick the most appropriate backlink checker for your site and let it do the work for you automatically.


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