10 Killer Event Decorators Ideas


Planning the same events year after year may get boring, and many event decorators (event planners) run out of ideas for event decorations. Fortunately, event design is all about imagination. To elicit an enthusiastic, emotional response from your attendees the instant they enter your event, all you need is a little foresight and flair. Here are our top 10 event decoration suggestions to impress your guests at your upcoming gathering.

1. Food Display

A lasting impression may be made via the art of food. No, we’re not just talking about presenting mouthwatering food; we’re also talking about putting food on the show to attract attendees. Food may provide a fun touch to your event decorating when it is placed creatively. You want your attendees to remember everything about your event as a planner, including the keynote speaker, breakout sessions, and event decorators! You can have a DIY bar, a doughnut wall, and other things. There is a tonne of possibilities available.

2. Fabrics

Use piping and drapes creatively to create a warm and elegant event appearance. By adding depth of colour to your event decor, the fabric may completely change it. It gives the room a cosier, larger appearance. Consider using a cloth to cover only the service and buffet stations if your budget is getting tight.

3. Ceiling

Drape multi-coloured pennant banners or streamers from the middle of the ceiling to the corners of the space to create a show-stopping effect. Small rooms with high ceilings are ideal for this impression. By using ceiling decorations instead of floor decorations, you may ultimately save a lot of money and storage space. Utilize lots of lighting, colours, and projections to achieve the best effect (keep reading to learn how to use lighting to achieve various visual effects)!

4. Table Decorations

Even if you don’t have the money to invest in fine china and crystal stemware, you may still be creative with your table settings. Think of a creative way to draw guests’ attention, whether it is with the centerpiece or the napkins. Using an iPad as the focal point of your event is another interesting approach to keep your guests interested if you want to use technology. Use the iPads to make the event materials, presentations, or photographs more visible to those sitting in the rear.

5. Seating Arrangements

Have you ever considered utilising a chair as event decor? At an event, everyone will require chairs, but that doesn’t mean they have to be set up in the same monotonous way every time! You might start by arranging the seats differently to make your event stand out. Use communal seating instead of a typical dinner or a typical theatre setup to keep your visitors interested.

By selecting the chair’s style, you may up the ante on event décor. If the environment permits, get a range of seating alternatives, such as sofas, bar stools, and bean bag chairs.

6. Decorative Backdrops

Backdrops for events can be utilised to provide visual interest. It may liven up your stage and make it seem nicer without taking away from the performance. To direct your guests’ attention to the stage, you may choose between a digital background and marquee letters, depending on your budget. With a wide range of possibilities, including honeycomb variants and basic LED displays, digital backgrounds provide intriguing effects that may appear and fade throughout the presentation. Utilizing an augmented experience that incorporates the speaker into the background is another intriguing choice.

7. Stage Design

When constructing a temporary stage, use all of your imagination. You may grab your guests’ attention and make the stage stand out by employing a stage or riser. To direct discussions and give interest to the design, choose statement pieces of furniture or more relaxed choices like couches. Modular staging, which is inexpensive and simple to install, may add flavor right away. It is so adaptable that you may use it to hold events at locations without a stage or fit it into your current setup!

8. Goodie Bags

When it comes to incorporating gifts as event decor, your only limit is your imagination. Small gift bags with appealing packaging can be utilised as a presentation element. A hidden present brings out the child in all of us and can dress up the table further. Conference giveaways are frequently not used. It may thrill visitors, offer a fantastic branding and sponsorship opportunity, promote your company favourably, and be utilised as a decorative item!

9. Expert Lighting

The event’s lighting is a crucial component that may radically change the way it looks and feels. When it comes to event types, lighting design is important. There must be sufficient light in the main area of a conference for participants who might wish to take notes. However, the environment shouldn’t be so bright that it detracts from the onstage performance.

Use portable, multicoloured LED lights that require little rigging to bring your conference to life and create an immersive event experience. Whether you employ basic coloured lights or 3-D projections, they may give the venue a little additional punch. Use up-lighting or coloured spotlights to make your event site a magnificent setting.

10. Incorporate Digital

When planning your next event, consider going digital to add a touch of technology. The power of technology and digital media has made it much simpler for event planners to handle event decorating. Using a social wall, which compiles participants’ social media posts on a huge display screen, is one of the best ways to engage visitors and make your event memorable. Encourage attendees to upload images of the event using your hashtag the day of the event, and display those postings on the wall! It will definitely have a lasting impact and have the floor buzzing!

Final Thoughts

Event planning enables organisers to think creatively and creatively outside the box. Depending on your budget and the kind of event, there are countless possibilities. We hope these suggestions will help you get a head start on organising your upcoming event and make it special. You can read more blogs about event decorators on this website. Just visit blog page and read everything about event decorations which you want to learn.



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